April 16, 2024

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Inspiring with passion and storytelling


I am a highly sought-after speaker and presenter, known for my inspiring talks on cyber security. I have addressed diverse audiences, ranging from children to experts, and have presented at TEDx events worldwide. My passion for sharing knowledge and insights into cyber security has made me one of the most respected figures in the cyber security sector.

Cyber security conferences where I gave keynotes and/or lectures include Virus Bulletin, EICAR, AVAR, ISOI, FIRST, InfoSec UK, InfoSec Russia, InfoSec BE InfoSec NL, Cybersec Europe, Slamspam (NCFTA), APWG eCrime, RISE, Underground Economy, SINFO, ASLAN, SecurityForum, LSZ Austria, Urban Tech, AV Comparatives, CeBIT, ISSE, Synaxon and much more …

Some of my clients include Telenet, Vattenfall, IBR-IBE, Barco, Tissueworld, Informa, VOKA, Frixis, VVSG, Brunel, Aramco, Vives University Belgium, Hagenberg University Austria, AP University Antwerp, Utrecht University, IEEE, VIE, CMS, CVO, VLI, B-inside, Lions, Rotary, JCI, Neos, AZ Sint Jan Bruges, Davidsfonds, Aexis, ATEB, Regas, Van Breda, Cegeka Group and much more …

During the past three decades I have given presentations, lectures or keynotes in over 30 countries in 5 continents around the world.

Keynotes and lectures can be given in English or Dutch.

Please contact one of the speakers agencies mentioned at my homepage if you are interested to hear and watch one of my keynotes. ( Read-My-Lips , Speakersbase , A-SpeakersAll American Speakers or Speaking.com )

Alternatively you can contact me via the email-address ‘info (at) wavci (dot) com’ if you want to book me for a keynote or a lecture or get a quote .

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During this lecture Eddy Willems will give you his view on the cyber dangers which threatened the world the past years.

Why is a 35 year old problem still the biggest security problem these days? Did we ever learn?

Eddy shows the real threats. The business world is unfortunately a popular target for cyber attacks. What is the real favorite modus operandi of the cybercriminals? What should you be afraid of as a company or organization? Are you sure you did the right thing to solve these cyber security related problems?

Malware, hacking, ransomware or maybe even cyber wars between countries are analyzed and showed to you in a way you haven’t seen before.

3 decades of security experience bundled in a short pragmatic and passionate view on how to solve the basic problem and possibly the cyber dangers now and in the future.


What can you learn from nation-state cyberattacks?

Eddy Willems will give you his view on nation-state cyberattacks during this lecture.

What should you be afraid of as a company, organization or as an individual? Are you sure you did the right thing to be ready? Are nation-state attacks not exaggerated? Eddy dives into the dark world of nation-state attacks and analyzes a couple of examples.

What are the real lessons we can learn from those cyberattacks until now. Are nation-state attacks different from other cyberattacks?

3 decades of cybersecurity experience bundled in a short pragmatic and passionate view on what we all can learn from the biggest cyberattacks now and in the future.


My Wife went to the Dark … Web

Eddy Willems will tell you the real story of how his wife found the Dark Web. Eddy will tell you more about what she expected to find over there and what she finally found as a normal pc user. Did she really buy that Glock 17M? Is the Dark Web really so dangerous? Besides weapons, drugs, ID cards, credit cards and malware you can find much more.

However, the real value of your ID or credit card is maybe not what you expected. What are the best market places? Who can you find on the Dark Web? What do malware writers have in common?

A detailed look inside the Underground Economy 4.0 will give everybody a better view of money laundering, money mules, dropzones and other attractive places on the Dark Side of the internet. What are police forces doing about this situation?

If you haven’t invested yet in Bitcoin or Monero you possibly will never do anymore after watching this lecture.


The Real Truth Behind Ransomware

Why is a 35 year old problem still the biggest security problem these days? Did we ever learn?

Eddy was confronted himself with the first ransomware in 1989, the AIDS ransomware diskette. This fact changed his life completely and resulted in a lot of media attention until today.

Eddy Willems will give you an overview of how pc’s and whole networks from companies, organizations and home users can be infected. What are the real problems? Why does it seems to be so hard to protect you against this? Do you need to pay the ransom or not? Are old protection measures still usable against these threats?

Topics include even malware on mobiles and tablets. Included are tips to battle ransomware and most other malware. What will the future bring us?

Your view on ransomware and other malware will never be the same after this lecture. Nobody else in the whole world can tell this specific story about ransomware.

TEDx asked Eddy to present his life changing story for a bigger public in 2021 (without a live public due to the COVID-19 pandemic).


Stalkerware – the spy inside all of us

How would you feel if your ex-partner was constantly watching you digitally after the break-up? That he or she knows exactly what you say to whom, when you’ve been where and browses through your private photos and videos? Terrible right? Understandable: not only is your privacy seriously compromised, but you may no longer feel safe and at ease. The software used by perpetrators to do this is called stalkerware.

During this lecture Eddy Willems will take you inside the dark world of some specific spyware: stalkerware. Why is stalkerware so special or isn’t it? Is this a new phenomenon?

Eddy will guide you through the most common features of stalkerware. Is it easy to install? What are the differences between spyware and this kind of malware. How do the companies who create this software advertise themselves? Is it really legal?

Eddy will show you a couple of examples. What are the technical challenges for the security industry? What can you do about it? What if your husband, wife, boyfriend, ex-lover or even father is using it against you?

If you care about your privacy this lecture is a must. If you want to know more about spyware this lecture can open your eyes even more.


Keep your smartphone safe!

During this lecture Eddy Willems will show you the dark side of your smartphone! Eddy will have a look at the common cyber dangers of smartphones.

Is there a difference in security between iOS (Apple) and Android (Google-Alphabet) smartphones?

Is iOS really a safer operating system or not?

What’s the difference between spyware and stalkerware?

Is this a new phenomenon and what can you do about it?

Eddy will show you several examples how it can go wrong. Several tips will improve the safety of yourself, your company and your smartphone! If you care about your privacy this lecture is a must. If you want to know more about cyberthreats on your smartphone this lecture can open your eyes even more.


AI lives?

ChatGPT is the buzzword of the past year. Suddenly everyone mentions and everything uses ChatGPT (or so they say). But there is much more to say about AI (Artificial Intelligence). What are the advantages of AI? Are there any disadvantages? Artificial intelligence is maybe offering hackers new sophisticated ways to intrude your systems. However It also allows cybersecurity software to detect suspicious behaviour much sooner. Has cybersecurity entered into a new league with AI?

Even more questions will pop up and answered:

Will AI fail in ways we do not understand?

Will AI models set their own goals?

Will AI be able to build better AI models, that people no longer control?

What will be more evil: malicious AI or people using AI in an criminal way?

What is the greatest threat for AI?

And what about your job?

4 decades of security, IT and AI experience bundled in a pragmatic and passionate view about the real dangers and advantages of AI.