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Some of my talks and lectures.

Most of these clips can be found on YouTube.

TEDx Talk 2021: A Tale of Two Floppies: the basics of cybersecurity (13 May – TEDxKULeuven). Alternative link: www.TED.com

Telenet Business Event NSpire 2020 Online (24 November): (Dutch) De grote cyberuitdagingen.

Nspire Full agenda including other speakers ‘Dit was Nspire 2020 van Telenet Business’ : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLeXm5mZ8DXIuYBUOZvcZXK04OWSlFIGxq

My own podcast:

My Precious Data‘ powered by G DATA (Dutch – Over 35 episodes since March 2019)

Guest appearances (over 5 minutes) in other podcasts: 

CyberMAYnia : ‘#12 1984 vs. 1989 vs. 2024: Eddy Willems on Cyber Reality Check’  2024 (English – about the AIDS (the first in 1989) ransomware, spyware, smartphones and stalkerware)

VRT NWS ‘Het Kwartier’ : ’28 Nov 2023 – Zijn we te afhankelijk van Chinese technologie?’ 2023 (Dutch – about the Chinese influence on solar inverters and our technology)

DSD Europe : ‘Backdoors in de cloud … extra veilig of juist gevaarlijk?’ 2023 (Dutch – about backdoors in the cloud)

DSD Europe : ‘Alle lof voor AI, maar zien we ook de nadelen?’ 2023 (Dutch – about the dangers around AI, ChatGPT, etc)

DSD Europe : ‘Hoe wordt er misbruik gemaakt van wat jij deelt op sociale media?’ 2023 (Dutch – about cyberdangers on social media)

VRT Radio 1 ‘Het uur van de waarheid’ : ‘Seizoen 1 afl 34 – Hoe hackbaar is je smartphone?’ 2023 (Dutch – about how to hack your smartphone)

Red Hat’s ‘Command Line Heroes’ : ‘Season 9 Episode 6 – Ruthless Ransomers‘ 2022 (English – about my story with the first ransomware floppy in 1989)

Come Get IT : ‘Aflevering 40 – Eddy Willems – Ransomware en Malware‘ 2022 (Dutch – about ransomware and other malware)

Stratcom Talks : ‘Podcast 78 – Is Our Data Safe?‘ 2022 (English – about personal data, hacking and facial recognition)

Braincreators ‘Automagic’ : ‘Is AI the holy grail to prevent cybercrime or not?‘ 2021 (English – about artificial intelligence and cybercrime)

Speakers’ Office Read My Lips Podcast ‘Overmorgen’ : ‘Bedreigingen morgen (met Filip Van den Abeele)‘ 2021 (Dutch – about malware, ransomware en hacking)

International Popular Media (CNN, AL Jazeera, BBC, TRT World and more)

Most of these clips can be found on YouTube.

TRT World NewsHour (19 July 2024) about ‘Global cyber outage wreaks havoc across the world – CrowdStrike update problem’

TRT World NewsHour (5 July 2021) about ‘Hackers demand $70M from US companies to restore data (Kaseya Ransomware)’

TRT World NewsHour (10 May 2021) about ‘Cyberattack carried out on major US pipeline (Ransomware)’

TRT World NewsHour (9 March 2021) about ‘HAFNIUM attack targeting MS Exchange Servers with 0-day exploits’

TRT World NewsHour (2 February 2021) about ‘The implications of facial recognition technology’

TRT World NewsHour (17 July 2020) about ‘Major Twitter profiles compromised in Bitcoinscam’

TRT World NewsHour (19 June 2020) about ‘Cyberattacks against Australia’

TRT World NewsHour (9 April 2020) about ‘ZOOM lawsuit about security issues’

TRT World NewsHour (22 January 2020) about ‘Jeff Bezos’ phone hacked with WhatsApp’

TRT World NewsHour (4 October 2019) about ‘Facebook plans to encrypt its messaging apps’

Al Jazeera English News Hour (26 December 2014) about ‘The increase in Cyberattacks’

Al Jazeera English News Hour (18 January 2014) about ‘US Surveillance laws changed by President Obama’

Al Jazeera English News Hour (28 March 2013) about ‘Cyberattack targeting Spamhaus’

CNN interview World One (2 January 2012) about ’email hacking’

CNN interview World One (15 June 2011) about ‘The big wave of data breaches’

CNN interview by Richard Quest (8 June 2011) about ‘The Cloud and Security’

Some G DATA related international videos

ICTWaarborg.TV (Netherlands) interview March 2021 in Dutch covering the basics of cyber security, G DATA and my books Cyberdanger, Het Virus

GlobbTV (Spain) interview September 2019 in Spanish and English covering my book Cyberdanger, G DATA Security Awareness Trainings, DeepRay and G DATA itself

G DATA interview July 2019 about my book Cyberdanger

Panel ‘Cyber Security’ Creating Urban Tech 2016 Berlin explaining the importance of mobile security

TechLounge – interviewed by Sascha Pallenberg (Mobile Geeks) about security at CeBIT 2016

The Underground Economy 3.0 (English) – G DATA IT Talk Interview (September 2015)

A curious phone call – when a helpdesk scammer offers you a job (2013)

Me about free Antivirus Solutions (2011)


An AMTSO related international video

Why standards, AMTSO explained it!

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