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A brief BIO

For more info please click on 'about me' at the top of the page (for journalists, media, etc)

I’m a well-known expert in security and malware. I am a board member of three security industry organizations (EICAR, AVAR and LSEC) and the resident Security Evangelist and Global Security Officer at G DATA CyberDefense. I studied Computer Science at IHB and VUB and started working as a Systems Analyst in 1984. I became a founding member of EICAR, one of the world’s first IT security organizations, in 1991. In previous years I was active as an anti-malware technology expert for other security companies like Kaspersky Lab. In my current role, I give presentations and lectures all over the world. Several CERTs, press agencies, print and online publications and broadcasting media, for example CNN, Al Jazeera and TRT World, use my advice regularly. In 2013, I published my first book in Belgium and the Netherlands, titled ‘Cybergevaar’ (Lannoo). In 2015 an updated version, ‘Cybergefahr’ (Springer), was published in German-speaking countries. An updated and expanded English edition, ‘Cyberdanger’ (Springer), was launched in 2019 worldwide. In 2020 together with co-author Alain Dierckx I published my first SF Cyberthriller 'Het Virus' (Lannoo). I am a known inspiring speaker and I give lectures (including TEDx) and presentations worldwide for a very diverse audience from children to experts. I have given lectures and keynotes in over 30 countries. I still own one of the last remaining copies of the first ransomware, the AIDS information trojan(1989), worldwide.

My Associations

Part of my life every day ...

G DATA CyberDefense AG

G DATA CyberDefense AG, with its head office in Bochum, is an innovative and quickly expanding software house focusing on antivirus security solutions. As a specialist in Internet security and pioneer in the field of virus protection, the company, founded in Bochum in 1985, developed the first antivirus program more than 20 years ago and celebrated its 25th birthday in 2010. Consequently G DATA is amongst the eldest security software companies in the world.

I’m the resident Security Evangelist and Global Security Officer of G DATA since 2010.



In 2014 I founded WAVCi (Willems Anti Virus Consultancy International), a small Belgian based company, which is specialized in giving lectures, keynotes and workshops all over the world. During the past 3 decades I have given presentations, lectures or keynotes in over 30 countries in 5 continents around the world. Please contact one of the speakers agencies below if you are interested to hear and watch one of my keynotes.

The site and name ‘WAVCi’ exists since 1995. It is one of the oldest security sites on the web.

I’m also the owner of , and .


Read My Lips

Read My Lips proposes a vast choice of Belgian high quality speakers and moderators who inform their public and are a source of inspiration. Read My Lips thereby contributes to the quality of public debates. Read My Lips attaches huge importance to recruit speakers who can propose a strong and fascinating story to their public. Read My Lips is able to add value to events and take them to the next level. Their professional speakers and moderators tell fascinating stories, provide captivating presentations, and convey tailor-made messages to the audience.

My first very good Speakers Office …



Speakersbase has the leading Belgian speakers of today, talking about the urgent topics that engage us all. They exclusively work with top experts who are thought leaders in their domain. They offer a tailor-made approach that guarantees true behavioral change thanks to a well-balanced mix of keynotes, workshops, teambuildings, training, coaching and content packages. Speakersbase is your one-stop-shop to find top speakers, moderators and thought leaders.

Highly recommended …


AAE Speakers

All American Entertainment (AAE) is a full-service speakers bureau and talent booking agency dedicated to meeting the needs of event professionals to book the best keynote speakers for their live and virtual events. They provide a best-in-class talent booking experience from start to finish, and connect audiences with innovative minds and powerful messages regardless of the industry.

As one of the US leading full-service speakers bureaus (established in 1994), represent top-rated keynote speakers and trainers on a variety of topics, including: sales, business, motivational, economy, leadership, team building, communication, change and innovation. represent global talent that can help you and your team with the world’s greatest keynote speakers: world leaders, best-selling authors, economists, leadership gurus and top business experts.



A-Speakers is an award winning Bureau with a global focus. They are one of the world’s largest speakers bureaus with a focus on growth and service. A-Speakers has experienced continuous growth and now serves several thousand keynotes every year. They have been named Best Speakers Agency in local markets and have won multiple Entrepreneurial Awards. They always strive to serve speakers and clients with stellar service. They aim to secure the best and most suitable speakers for all there clients.



Being a selfstanding term now, it stood originally for European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research.
However EICAR is now busy in the general IT Security field with a focus on AV. I’m a co-founder of the organisation in 1991 and member since then.

I’m a member of the board since 2001.



The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO™) was founded in May 2008 as an international non-profit association that focuses on addressing the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies. Please note that G DATA is an AMTSO member and that the AMTSO member logo above belongs to G DATA actually.

I was a member of the board from 2012 until July 2019.



An internationally renowned Information security cluster, that has the objective to promote Information Security and the expertise in BeNeLux and Europe. Founded by the University of Leuven (K.U. Leuven), supported by European Commission FP7 and leading a unique PAN European Private partnership that interacts with Public Institutions, LSEC connects security industry experts, research institutes and universities, government agencies, end users, funding bodies and technical experts who are driving national and European research agendas.

I’m a member of the board since 2014.



AVAR (Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers) was formed in June, 1998 with a mission to prevent the spread of malware and the damage caused by it. AVAR aims to do this by developing cooperative relationships among anti-malware experts in Asia. AVAR is an independent and non-profit organization which focuses on the Asia Pacific region and consists of prominent experts from 17 territories including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, and the USA.

I’m a member of the board since November 2019.



In October of 2013 I published my first book in Belgium and the Netherlands, titled ‘Cyberdanger’ (Cybergevaar). It’s published by Lannoo. The book gives an overview of all online dangers and shows you how to arm yourself against them. Viruses, spam, hacktivism and even blatant cyber
wars between countries. Voting, paying bills, ordering tickets online… How safe is it really? How can you outsmart cyber criminals?
Read all there is to know about the present, past and future of cybercrime.



In December 2015 I published an updated and translated version of my book titled ‘Cybergefahr’ (Springer Vieweg) in the German speaking countries.



In June 2019 I published a translated and new edition of my book titled ‘Cyberdanger’ (Springer International Publishing) worldwide.

This book describes the key cybercrime threats facing individuals, businesses, and organizations in our online world.

The book is important reading for all professionals engaged with securing information, people, and enterprises. It’s also a valuable introduction for the general reader who wants to learn about cybersecurity.


Het Virus (Lannoo)

22 September 2020 together with Alain Dierckx I published my first SF Cyberthriller ‘Het Virus’ in Belgium and The Netherlands.

This book is a compelling thriller about a murderous computer virus.

The cyberthriller for everybody, more than fiction …

Press and Media

Since 1989, I am Belgian’s internationally most quoted Cybersecurity Expert.

I’ve been interviewed and cited by hundreds of national and  international known media. (random order):

CNN, TRT World, BBC, BBC World, Al Jazeera, WDR, VRT, VTM, NOS, NPO, RTL, NTR, TED,  Vice Magazine, Bloomberg, El Pais, El Confidencial, CSO, KITV 4 ABC, NewsTalk, De Standaard, De Morgen, Het Nieuwsblad, Gazet van Antwerpen, De Tijd, Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Belang van Limburg, De Gentenaar, Dag Allemaal, Humo, Knack, DataNews, ZDNet, TechPulse, IT Daily, Volkskrant, De Telegraaf, Computable, CRN India, New Security Magazine, Clickx, Red Hot Cyber, BNR Radio, Ring TV, PCM, Computer World, Dutch IT Channel, Telenet, Globb TV Spain, EOS, KMO Insider, Radio 1, Radio 2, Q Music, Joe FM, Studio Brussel, De Zemstenaar, Zemst Info, TechZine, IT Digital Security Sapin, HelpNet Security, Diaro Atlantico, Diaro Ferrol, Diaro Arousa, El Ideal Gallego, Diaro Bergantinos, Deia, El Dia, Correo Gallego, Channel Connect, La Region, Noticias Alava, La Razon, ZO Magazine, Fokus, Agencia EFE, Belga, Krone, InfoSecurity Magazine BE/NL/UK/RU/US, Smartbiz, Canarias 7, The Register, La Razon, Dom Poland, Business Reporter, Computer Totaal, La Vanguardia, Marqit, SC Magazine UK/US, Sterck Magazine, Apache, Bel RTL, Zaman Vandaag, Le Soir, IT Business DE, BFM RU, Business Insider, China Byte, Der Westen, Security Journal IT, Web Wereld, Focus DE, La Voz de Galicia, Le nouvel Economiste, Sécurité Informatique, Global Security Mag, CIO America Latina, Computer Bild DE/RU, Computer Idee, IT Sec RU, Le Point, PC Welt, PC Week RU, Het Parool, PC Plus, PC Pro, PC actual, TechJournal South, AD Nl, Computer Weekly, Deutsche Welle, It Reseller, IT Professional,, Radio Nostalgie, Radio Contact, Kanaal Z, Tech World, NRC Next, NetOpus, IX, , RBK TV RU, Radio City Talk, Chip, S TV, Dark Reading, Virus Bulletin and much more.

If you’re not listed and want to be included in this short list and you interviewed or cited me, please contact me!

You can find some media coverage on the pages below.


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Appearances in Media from 1989-2010 incl. recent AIDS Information Trojan articles (the first ransomware)

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