Special Appearances in Media

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It’s impossible to provide you with all my press coverage with over 3 decades of security interviews!

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International Popular Media (CNN, AL Jazeera, BBC, TRT World and more)

Most of these clips can be found on YouTube.

TRT World NewsHour (17 July 2020) about ‘Major Twitter profiles compromised in Bitcoinscam’

TRT World NewsHour (19 June 2020) about ‘Cyberattacks against Australia’

TRT World NewsHour (9 April 2020) about ‘ZOOM lawsuit about security issues’

TRT World NewsHour (22 January 2020) about ‘Jeff Bezos’ phone hacked with WhatsApp’

TRT World NewsHour (4 October 2019) about ‘Facebook plans to encrypt its messaging apps’

Al Jazeera English News Hour (26 December 2014) about ‘The increase in Cyberattacks’

Al Jazeera English News Hour (18 January 2014) about ‘US Surveillance laws changed by President Obama’

Al Jazeera English News Hour (28 March 2013) about ‘Cyberattack targeting Spamhaus’

CNN interview World One (2 January 2012) about ’email hacking’

CNN interview World One (15 June 2011) about ‘The big wave of data breaches’

CNN interview by Richard Quest (8 June 2011) about ‘The Cloud and Security’

Some G DATA related international videos

GlobbTV (Spain) interview September 2019 in Spanish and English which covers my book Cyberdanger, G DATA Security Awareness Trainings, DeepRay and G DATA itself

Panel ‘Cyber Security’ Creating Urban Tech 2016 Berlin explaining the importance of mobile security

TechLounge – interviewed by Sascha Pallenberg (Mobile Geeks) about security at CeBIT 2016

The Underground Economy 3.0 (English) – G DATA IT Talk Interview (September 2015)

A curious phone call – when a helpdesk scammer offers you a job (2013)

Me about free Antivirus Solutions (2011)


An AMTSO related international video

Why standards, AMTSO explained it!

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