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1989 (How it all started …)

VTM Nieuws/News – December 1989

The AIDS information diskette (first ransomware ever) and I was one of the first to find a solution for it. (Dutch)

This it the real interview which changed my life completely … so young …   😉

Created from the original source owned by VTM.

Additional links in chronological order to various articles about the AIDS Information Trojan, the first ransomware, including my story: the story of my life…

Please note that I still have the original floppy, one of the last remaining copies worldwide.

Vice magazine US 2017: The worlds first ransomware came on a floppy.

El Confidencial Spain 2017: Primer ransomware del mundo. (Spanish)

Techzine BE and NL Blog 2017: Hoe ransomware mijn leven op zijn kop zette. (Dutch)

De Volkskrant NL 2018: Ransomware bestaat al langer dan u denkt. (Dutch)

RTL TV Nieuws NL 2018: Deze belg kraakte ‘s werelds eerste ransomware in 1989. (Dutch)

RTL TV Nieuws NL 2018 Youtube video. (Dutch)

G DATA CyberDefense Blog 2020: How I got into the security industry.

Bloomberg US 2020: Dark web ransomware.

De Kennis Van Nu (20 May) 2020 TV Doc. NPO2-NTR: No Internet! (Dutch full broadcast >10:30 to 14:30 min) 

De Kennis Van Nu (20 May) 2020 TV Doc. NPO2-NTR: No Internet! (Dutch short video fragment)


De Kennis Van Nu (20 May) 2020 TV Doc. NPO2-NTR: First Ransomware Trailer! (Dutch short video fragment)

Over 30 years of TV appearances in cyber security: there is a big difference!

CSO Online US 2020: A history of Ransomware, the motives and methods behind these evolving attacks. 

General Wikipedia article about the AIDS TROJAN.